The primary objective of this gamification project is to engage and involve participants in a collective experience that merges technology, social interaction, and creative expression. By leveraging the principles of gamification, we aim to create an immersive and interactive environment that encourages collaboration, fosters a sense of community, and facilitates the exploration of collective intentions and realities. In order to reach this high level of immersion, we have designed 4 interactive experiences, each one is gamified differently.










To achieve our objectives, we will employ various gamification strategies throughout the project.

Visitors can be interacting in a limited time to achieve all the objective and experiences.

Max users per interaction: 5


The interaction strategies include:

Points and Rewards System:

Participants earn points and rewards by actively participating, contributing ideas, and engaging with the collective. These points will unlock exclusive content, virtual artifacts, or special privileges within the experience, providing an incentive for continued engagement.

Collaborative Challenges:

We introduce collaborative challenges that require participants to work together towards a common goal. By fostering teamwork and cooperation, these challenges will strengthen the sense of community and collective intention.

Progression and Achievements:

Participants have the opportunity to track their progress and earn achievements as they navigate through the experience. This will provide a sense of accomplishment and motivate them to further explore and engage with the project.

Social Features:

We incorporate social features, such as chat systems, discussion forums, and virtual gatherings, to facilitate communication and interaction among participants. This will encourage the exchange of ideas, foster connections, and nurture a supportive community.


Each participant will have the ability to personalize their virtual presence within the experience, allowing them to express their individuality while remaining an integral part of the collective. This balance between personalization and collective identity will enhance engagement and ownership.


To be seen by the AI

Installation recognise the users participating.

At least 2 people is needed to begin the interaction and the communication with the AI.


The AI proposes

4 moods are proposed by the AI to learn from humans.

This actions creates a real time data base to understand more in details what means a group emotion for the AI.


The AI has learnt

Now the AI is capable of establish some conclusions attending to the results of the previous stage. Then she can now, identifies some collective behaviours. 


All recorded in the WEB3.0

The data results feeds a 3D model that can be converted into an NFT or digital asset that users can use into the metaverse or the blockchain in general.





The Common-Ai-Verse

Artificial intelligence, humans and metaverse

Each generated star point contributes to the growth of the artificial intelligence by adding a new node to the point cloud. The point cloud represents the neural connections of a human or artificial brain, and each new node represents a unique piece of information or experience that contributes to the overall growth of the brain-like structure.

This fractal structure is represented and connected to WEB3.0.

The AI becomes smarter based on viewer participation through a process of machine learning. Machine learning algorithms analyze the patterns and connections within the point cloud to identify trends and relationships between the different nodes. This allows the AI to learn and adapt to new information based on the collective input of the human participants.

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