Installation / Images

The installation

The installation consists in an immersive isolated structure to be in intimacy with the AI:

  • Interactive laser.
  • Interactive screen.
  • 360 sound.
  • Infrared camera system.
  • Control station.
Stage 01: Participation

Description: Find at least 2 people to begin the participation
Objectives: Participants should activate the interaction in group
Tech involved: Bio vision capture
Stage 02: Learning

Description: The AI proposes different moods to learn from them.
Objectives Participants should performance the mood to teach the AI
Tech involved: Real time learning model application
Stage 03: Recognition

Description: Participants should move and around and interact in between each other to get kinetics and common energy. The AI will recognise their data
Objectives to catch the objects in the correct order
Tech involved: Motion Capture AI recognising.
Stage 04: The shape

Description: Participants shouls scan a QR code to get their result
Objectives To share the result in the WEB3.0 community
Tech involved: WEB3.0

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